LTERIVER 1200Mbps Dual Band WiFi Repeater / Extender

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LTERIVER E1200 WiFi Repeater / Range Extender - LTERIVER 1200Mbps Dual Band WiFi Repeater / Extender


LTERIVER E1200 WiFi Repeater Features:
- Support next generation of Wi-Fi, leading 802.11ac standard 
- Compatible with IEEE 802.11 ac/a/b/g/n protocol-Improves wireless coverage in all WLAN networks
- Simultaneous 5GHz 867Mbps and 2.4GHz 300Mbps connections for 1167Mbps of total bandwidth - Dual Band connections for lag-free HD video streaming and gaming
- Maximum WLAN security with WPA2, WPA and WEP(128/64) -Provides one 10/100Mbps Auto-Negotiation Ethernet LAN ports
- Updated firmware six steps for web setting/Two steps for WPS setting.
- Easy wireless security encryption at a push of the WPS button - Features a convenient mode switch ch, enabling you to switch to Router, AP, Repeater mode- Compact, wall plug design for convenient placement
- Power management button easy manage your wifi source& Energy Saving
- 3 x External Antennas ensure high-performance wifi signal
- LTERIVER E1200 Wi-Fi Repeater can extend the wireless network to the big area.
- Provide super fast Wi-Fi connection wirelessly,2.4G 300Mbps+5G 867Mbps,1200Mbps in total.
Engineered Power Button for energy saving
- Can be used as Wireless AC Router Repeater AP for multi-use.
- Simplified configuration for easy use, WPS setting and Few Sta eps Completed in the web setting

LTERIVER E1200 WiFi Repeater / Range Extender Specifications

- Wireless Protocol: IEEE802.11 ac/n/g/b/a
- Wireless Data Rate: 2.4G 300Mbps&5G 867Mbps
- LAN Data Rate: 10/100Mbps
- Function:  AP/Router/Extender(Repeater)
- Frequency : 2.4G&5G
- Antenna Type: External
- Antenna Power: 4x3 dbi
- Dimensions :  3*2*3in
- Weight : 5OZ

 Now  Device It . Turn off will Except Indicator LED 4.All Release. Seconds Around Hole hard) Press(not. Clip Paper like thing Small Find 2. Mode. is Repeater, Ensure on 1.Power New As it Set RESET How FAQ: more Airport,Netgear,Linksys,D-link,ASUS,Sacrifice,Belkin Cisco,TP-LINK,APPLE Compatible Brand Most Speed Connection More get zones Dead Decrease Before Have Even not Do Where Cover Extended Will WiFi N Matter No Areas Reach Hard Signal Standard Any Repeat or Extend :5OZ Weight 3*2*3in Dimensions Dbi Power:4x3 Type:External Antenna 2.4G&5G : Frequency AP/Router/Extender(Repeater) Function: Rate:10/100Mbps 300Mbps&5G 2.4G Rate: Data ac/n/g/b/a Protocol:IEEE802.11 Specs: Tech Basic Extender Range Dual 1200Mbps Completed Steps Few setting use, WPS configuration Simplified multi-use. AP Router AC Wireless as used be saving, Can energy Button Power Engineered total. 867Mbps,1200Mbps 300Mbps+5G wirelessly,2.4G connection fast super Provide area. big network home any extend can Repeater Wi-Fi LTERIVER signal performance high ensure Antennas External x Saving Energy source& wifi your manage easy management power 5. Have placement design plug wall Compact, mode- Router,AP,Repeater to switch you enabling switch, mode convenient Features - button the push a at encryption 4.Easy setting. WPS setting/Two web steps six firmware Updated ports- LAN Ethernet Auto-Negotiation 10/100Mbps one -Provides WEP(128/64) WPA WPA2, security 3. Maximum gaming streaming video HD lag-free Band -Dual bandwidth total 1167Mbps for connections 300Mbps 2.4GHz and 867Mbps 5GHz 2.Simultaneous networks WLAN all in coverage wireless protocol-Improves ac/a/b/g/n 802.11 IEEE with -Compatible standard 802.11ac leading Wi-Fi, of generation next support E1200 1.LTERIVER 
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