Introduction to Wireless Technology

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Wireless is a network that utilizes air as a transmission medium to deliver electromagnetic waves.
Wireless has been discovered since scientists discovered radio and radar operated using wireless.

Some models of equipment that use wireless:

GPRS used as navigation 
It is a tool that is enabled to facilitate traffic users both land, sea, and air.

Mobile phones and pagers
It is an electronic tool service that allows people to communicate remotely or near and mobility

Cordless Phone
Wireless is also used by telecommunication companies to create cordless phone products that allow users to take it to any place.

Computer Peripheral
Computer tools that utilize wireless technology, such as a mouse and keyboard. These devices are connected to the CPU without using a USB connector.

Remote Control
Remote Controls are tools used to control remotely on items such as televisions, air conditioners, fans, etc. - Introduction to Wireless Technology, Wireless has several benefits:

Wireless Working Principles
The working principle of wireless is like walky-talky with its transceiver. In wireless, the transceiver is an adapter that serves to detect a wireless network around the computer via radio.
In addition, through tuning that is ready to connect the receiver or receiver to detect the incoming signal. If it is detected, the next step is user authentication. At this stage, any type of data transmitted from a computer or laptop will be converted through a wireless adapter from digital form into analog radio signals.

Wireless technology will continue to develop, including in the development of data communications developed began several years. The 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz WLAN technology is rapidly evolving mainly due to the release of frequency licenses for Industrial, Scientific, Medical, and UNII (Unlicensed National Information Infrastructure) bands.

Generally, the commonly used data communication standard is the IEEE 802.11 type. IEEE 802.11b with maximum speed up to 11Mbps, IEEE 802.11a and IEEE 802.11g with maximum speed 54 Mbps. To communicate data with wireless requires a combination of several components of protocol interface architecture. IEEE is an institution that has authority over international regulation to establish wireless protocol consisting of physical and logic architecture.

Wireless Benefits
Wireless has several benefits:
- The user has no space limit on the range of a single point of the WiFi transmitter.
- The distance on the WiFi system can reach up to the area of 100 feet or 30 m radius. In addition, WiFi system can be reinforced with special equipment such as booster that functioned as a relay and able to reach a wider range.
- The wireless device as WiFi is easy to use and low cost
- The coverage area is more flexible because it is not limited to the distribution network, unlike when using UTP and fiber optic cables.
- Wireless allows for LANs that can be installed wirelessly, thereby reducing installation costs as well as network expansion.
- Wireless Access Point (WAP) has the function to manage data traffic, thereby providing the possibility for many customers to connect to one network.
WAP can function as a hub or switch that connects the local network with wireless.
- WiFi can be installed in areas that can not be reached by wiring.

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