Bluetooth Mesh Networking

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Originally, the desire to make Bluetooth mesh connection was long ago. Attempting to connect household appliances by wireless communication is quite difficult because there is a problem of a reachable distance of wireless communication to cover the residence with Wi-Fi or conventional type Bluetooth. It is relatively powerful, even Wi-Fi not thinking much about power consumption, it is difficult to cover all rooms unless you go through a repeater in some cases.

By the way "Housing" mentioned here is not an apartment of 1 LDK in Japan, but rather an American size, in some cases a house whose size is further two stories (classified as a mansion or a mansion in the sense of Japan It is a size that seems to be done, but it is a general size in the United States).

Towards these uses, standards such as ZigBee or Z - Wave have been established for a long time, and home appliances using this are gradually increasing. ZigBee uses a 2.4 GHz band conforming to IEEE 802.15.4 and Z-Wave uses the ISM band of 900 MHz bands, respectively, and by connecting by a wireless communication based on the mesh structure, a mechanism capable of fully covering the residence is prepared It was. Thread built based on ZigBee also supports mesh structure as well.

ZigBee, Z - Wave, and Thread are the subjects of an absence of controllers for "easy" users that correspond to these wireless communication standards. The proposal to put the RF of IEEE 802.15.4 on smartphones has not been realized yet though some makers (but manufacturers of controllers such as ZigBee, not smartphone makers) propose.

Although it was shown as a possibility that the RF of IEEE 802.15.4 also enters the smartphone-oriented SoC (adding the function of IEEE 802.15.4 to 2.4 GHz wireless communication function for Wi-Fi / Bluetooth) There is no such a product.

Therefore, several manufacturers made efforts to easily build a mesh network and connect household appliances using equipment such as smartphones at hand.

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Bluetooth is a wireless technology that is used to transfer data for short distances with radio transmissions (2400-2480 MHz). Bluetooth can create a Personal Area Network (PAN) that has a high level of security through a mobile device.

Wireless device technology was first created by Ericsson in 1994. At that time, Bluetooth is used as an alternative to one of the cable connectors. However, now Bluetooth technology is more developed and able to connect to multiple devices at once.

Currently, Bluetooth technology is managed by a body known as Bluetooth Special Interest Group (GIS). The Group, established on May 20, 1998, has more than 17,000 members from all business areas (computers, telecommunications, networks and consumer electronics). SIG oversees the development of Bluetooth as well as creating standards of use to protect its trademarks.

Bluetooth comes from the Scandinavian language, Blatand / Blatann. The nickname for King Harald I of Denmark and part of Norway which unites the Danish tribe into a single kingdom. This idea was proposed by Jim Kardach, one of the developers who took part in developing this technology.
Bluetooth name retrieval is approved for the same implication, which is to unify between mobile phone and computer.
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