11 Ways To WLAN Security Setting

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Wireless networking is very important of communicating. Not only used in public places, WLAN networks are also used at home as a practical and easy internet connection.
The development of wireless technology at all times, then the security issue has always been a compliment. The same applies to wireless internet or WLAN that are always accompanied by hacker activity to gain access to unsafe networks.

The bad effect when WLAN hit hack:
- Increase your internet bill especially when you have to pay data transfer fee when calculated per byte.
- Slow down your internet access speed because you are now sharing internet connection with other users.
- Endanger security, allow others to access private files on your computer over your own Wi-Fi network.

Therefore we must protect the Wi-Fi network either home or office. The securities resulting from this increased security include better privacy, a constant internet bill and a more stable and faster Internet speed.
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On this page, we will discuss simple techniques that we can do to ensure our wireless / wireless network remains safe:

1. Enable Network Encryption
To prevent other computers around you using your internet connection, you need to encrypt your wireless signal. There are several encryption methods for wireless settings, namely WEP, WPA, and WPA2. The safest encryption is WPA2

2. Change the Default Password on the Router
The biggest mistake most users of wireless internet network is that they do not change the default password on their router. Hackers use public databases that contain the default password and username of almost every manufacturer. This allows them to change the security settings of your router according to their needs. Using strong passwords for your router ensures that hackers can not change your network security settings. To change the password on your router, go to Administration settings on the router settings page. Also, do not store passwords in the browser as they are very easy to find.

3. Rename your Network SSID
The SSID or WiFi network name of your Wireless Router typically uses the device name. Although it will not make your network vulnerable, changing the name of your network SSID is a good idea as it will make it clearer for others to know their network is connected.

4. Use a Frightening SSID Name
People will definitely think twice to connect if your wireless network has a scary name, such as virus.exe. Lay people would prefer to avoid the term virus because they are afraid their device is infected. You can use other names according to your creativity.

6. List of Connected Devices
Almost every new router has a page listing every device connected to the network. You can check this page periodically to view unknown devices but connect to your network. When you see an unknown device there is someone who has broken through your network.

7. Disable Guest Networking
Guest Networking is a facility to provide network access for others, most routers disable this facility by default, but you need to make sure by opening the router settings page as it may have been accidentally activated. The guest network allows others to access your network.

8. Enable MAC Address Filtering
Media Access Control or MAC address identifies every device connected to your network. Enabling the MAC address filter allows only devices that have specific MAC addresses that can access your network. You must enter the MAC address of each device you want to connect to the network on the router settings page. This is to prevent unknown devices from entering and connecting to the network, even if they know your router password.
To find the MAC address of your computer, open a command prompt and run the command "ipconfig / all". This feature is quite powerful considering only devices with MAC Address that has been registered only that can connect to the network.

By creating a whitelist, which is a list of MAC addresses that can access the router, of course, devices that enter into the network, has been filtered. It is used to minimize the possibility of inclusion of untrusted devices.

9. Customize router firmware
The software embedded inside the router uses the default configuration according to the respective manufacturer's policy. This gives the hacker a gap to access the router by using the same brand and type of router. To anticipate that threat, we recommend that you customize the router firmware you are using. By customizing, you are free to make security modifications and even the speed of access as you wish.
Customization does not mean violating the recommended usage rules. But this works to create a "security policy" that is more stringent than using the same configuration and can be 'read' by others who use the same router.

10. Always Update Firmware
Manufacturers usually regularly release firmware updates and post them on their websites.
Sometimes you have to go to the manufacturer's website to see if new firmware updates have been released. The current router technology will automatically notify you when new firmware is available.

11. Turn Off Router 
If you are not using wireless network better just turn off. Turning off the router will increase the level of security because inactive devices will not get hacked. While it may be impractical to boot again when used, this trick is quite effective if you plan on not using the network for a long time, such as on the go. If you follow all the above tricks, your Wi-Fi network will become much more protected and hackers will have trouble breaking into your network.

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