Wireless Technology And Health Risks, Should We Be Worried?

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When someone uses wifi (Wireless), it will be exposed to radio waves and some will be absorbed by the body. Concerns about the possibility of radio waves have an effect on the health of our bodies.
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Until now, the scientifically proven effect is that exposure to radio frequencies causes the body temperature to rise, about 1 degree Celsius. However, it is only found in certain locations with very high exposure. In normal exposure, there is no temperature rise that affects our health.

In some countries, Wifi is also associated with electromagnetic hypersensitivity. However, it was denied by health organizations in the UK, which states that wifi does not impact as alleged.
They then issued an official statement that there is no evidence that wifi or WLAN can affect our general health.
Although, research will continue.

Radiation Still Tolerable
Wifi is emitting non-ionizing radiation or low energy. Radiation also occurs in mobile phones, microwaves, radio waves, and ultraviolet radiation.

The wifi and WLAN signals are very small, which is about 0.1 watts on computers and routers. This is acceptable and reasonable limits according to international organizations. In fact, radio waves released by wifi are lower than mobile phones.

Recent surveys suggest that exposure to radio waves from major bases and public wireless technologies is still well below the allowed international limits.

Health organizations in the UK say, one year in the Wifi hotspot location is equal to 20 minutes of mobile phone calls.

The World Health Organization (WHO), then conducts studies to obtain scientific evidence. WHO issued a statement, as long as exposure is below the radio frequency that can be tolerated, ie 0 - 300 GHz, no negative effects on our body health. However, radio frequencies exceeding these limits include unhealthy.
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