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Documenting a computer network is a fun job, especially if using the right program or software. The software has many features or tools that are very helpful and make it easier for us to create images of the composition of computers and other network devices completely.

Before discussing any software, then the following is the reason why we should create a network diagram:

- To provide a detailed description of the connecting computers
- To provide a detailed description of the connected computers with other network devices
- To provide a detailed description of the order, order, and route of the data cable
- To Provide a detailed description of the sequence, arrange for all the existing equipment in a computer network
- To provide information about the composition and layout of computer users in the network.
- To provide detailed information about network structure based on OSI layer, we can distinguish network type diagram based on OSI layer
- To facilitate us in planning development activities, such as expanding or changing the layout arrangement of existing networks
- To provide a detailed description of how the connection or flow of data from one computer to another
- To provide a detailed description of how computers on the network can connect to the internet.
- To provide a detailed description of the allocation of devices for the load of network devices such as Switch, hub, Wifi Access Point, and router in serving the client computer, evenly distributed.
- To facilitate network admins in tracing issues or problems that occur on the network to quickly find the cause and the solution
- To make it easy for the new network admin to handle the network first in analyzing, managing and troubleshooting

Network diagrams are the absolute requirement required in designing and working on computer network installation projects.

Below is a program or software for documenting the structure and topology of computer networks:

LanFlow is a paid software

LanFlow paid software
NetProbe is a free and paid software.

NetProbe features:
Real-Time Monitoring - Net-Probe offers real-time monitoring of any network connected device. It does this through a rich graphical interface available through a web browser as well as a dedicated application. Items can be monitored in three ways, using graphs, alarms, and GPS tracking.
Graphical layout -  Alarms, graphs, and trackers are integrated into the graphical layout. Drawing elements have been kept as simple as possible enabling for simple, quick and neat representations of the monitored environment to be set up.
Network layout Detection  -  Wizards allow for networks to be scanned and a representation of it drawn in a few easy steps. This shows the interconnection of each device.
Alarms - Alarms check a host or service.
Actions - Actions are performed when an alarm goes off. These could be notification type alerts, either graphical or sound. They could also be functions like sending an email, restarting a service etc.
Alerter The Alerter is a small application that lives in your taskbar and will inform you of the status of the items being monitored.
Graphs - Real-time graphs can be included in the layout. The graphs are highly customizable. Like most systems in Net-Probe wizards guide you through the creation process.
Band - One graph can be selected to sit in the taskbar.
Network Tools - A number of tools have been included. These include ping, traceroute, SNMP browser, DNS and a network scanner.

Network Notepad
Network Notepad is a free software and paid software -
Network NotePad
Network Notepad Freeware Edition
Network Notepad is a freeware app for creating interactive network diagrams.
- Runs on Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000
- Point-and-Click Telnet/ Browse/ User-definable Network Management.
- Simple Drag and Drop interface.
- Open, Text Based File Format.
- Printing.
- Linked Diagrams.
- Flow Charts.

Network Notepad Professional Edition is a commercial application for creating interactive network diagrams.
- Runs on Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP and 2000.
- Tabbed multi-page diagrams.
- Improved graphics.
- Customizable shapes.
- Grouping and Locking.
- Rotate Objects and Text.

Cade is a free software. - Cade is a free software.Computer Networking Diagram Software

Concept Draw
Concept Draw is a paid software.

Dia is a free software.

Designer diagram
Designer diagram is a free software.

Microsoft Visio
Microsoft Visio paid software

eDraw Max
eDraw Max is a paid software.

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