Learn Basics of Computer Networks

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The development of computer networks is very interesting to learn.

In the previous period, about 10 years ago, the knowledge of networked computers was only for some special people only those who were really experts in high-end IT technical matters.
Network computers are only applied in medium and enterprise offices.

But now we find all kinds of network hardware everywhere and people do it themselves.

To do that we will start with what makes you easy to understand.

A stand-alone computer we call an independent computer. This computer has the ability to input/output and process data.
The standalone computer has other connections to the printer, keyboard, mouse, and monitor. A stand-alone computer is really capable of doing all that.

Then, a question arises, What if either in your home or office there are others who are also working?
Maybe that person needs a printer instead of buying. Maybe they want to use your printer. Or do you want to be able to share files without having to burn them to CD and physically take them to others?

Can computers make it so easy?

Well, in this case, we have a very simple one. Option by adding computer cable between these two computers. We can make something known as peer-to-peer.
This network is the simplest type. A network you can have. And the simplest would only connect a computer with one cable.

https://blogladanguangku.blogspot.com - Learn Basics of Computer Networks: This network is the simplest type. A network you can have. And the simplest would only connect a computer with one cable.

You and your friends or you and colleagues in a small office trying to share data between two computers using a single printer.
So computer networking becomes easy also very cheap and something you can really do yourself.

But what if you need to go to the next level? If we remove that terminology and bring it something called a server, it is the next level.
Servers can become regular machines now. The core server here is that the server becomes the central point of connectivity and the central point of access.

When we have a server, the server runs a special type of software. If we think back to the peer-to-peer network, the two computers are just long-running normal.

The operating system is technically known as something of a client operating system like Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8,  and Windows 10.

The server, on the other hand, is running a high-level software type that is a server that can work in Windows Server 2003 as an instance or Server Windows Server 2010 operating system.

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