Wise Tiger AC1200 Router, Dual band 1200Mbps Speed

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WISE TIGER WT-RT8501 AC1200Mbps  Router

https://blogladanguangku.blogspot.com - Wise Tiger AC1200 Router, Dual band 1200Mbps Speed

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WISE TIGER WT-RT8501 Dual Band 1200Mbps Router Features:
- WISE TIGER 1200Mbps AC wifi router works well for Home and Businesses
   For Business, Allow wireless access to more than 30 wireless devices
   For Home, WiFi Smart Router  With Mobile Parental Control APP for Android and iOS to monitor a home network, speed control, security control, URL filtering white/blacklisting, and parental control
- In different environments, you can choose 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz, When a Band is slow, it can be switched to another Band immediately
- Four external 5Dbi antennas send a powerful Wi-Fi signal across your home. send a powerful Wi-Fi signal across your home.
- You can even get a great WiFi signal in your basement and garage from the 1200Mbps ac wifi router.

https://blogladanguangku.blogspot.com - WISE TIGER WT-RT8501 Dual Band 1200Mbps Router Features / specifications:

Ethernet by port WAN via modem the to router wifi Wise-Tiger connect would you completed, is setting Once password. and username own your Create 4. it obtain ISP contact please password, ensure is if ISP, provided which Password Username enter PPPOE, select type: Connection At 3. admin password: input browser in then router, new from signal give WIFI 5G connection, for selection of list a see will You 2. run adapter power plug cable, LAN PC Next installation. before existing all Disconnect 1. model) PPPoE router.(for upset how information below check kindly Please router? this quickly I do How attributes their band's frequency different due speed, transmission faster get can band 5GGHz distance, farther 2.4GHz Select know want happy. stay actions into right jump enables TIGER1200 WISE play or work used Whether lagging, any without clarity streaming gaming HD more Enjoy 5GHz. at 866Mbps 300Mbps up to Wi-Fi high-speed reliable, AC wireless network Upgrade WiFi speed Higher Wireless manage easier longer it, you Just router. ac 1200Mbps garage basement great even home. across the powerful home. send antennas 5Dbi external Four coverage maximum Such immediately Band another switched be slow, When 5Ghz. 2.4Ghz choose environments, In choices have dual Because of control parental white/blacklisting, filtering, URL security control, network, home monitor iOS Android APP Control Parental Mobile With Router Smart Home: devices than access Allow Business: Businesses Home well works Ac TIGER
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