NETVIP Booster WiFi Repeater / Extender & Instructions

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NETVIP Wi-Fi Repeater Range Extender 300Mbps (300M)

- Mini WiFi repeater with 360 degrees WiFi signal.
- booster you're existing wifi signal and eliminate deal spots for improved coverage.
- Reliable 2.4GHz wireless network speeds up to 300Mbps
- no more delay for playing the game, online transfer files and video chat.
- supports one-touch wireless security encryption with its WiFi protected setup button, let you get access into the internet safely.
- Easy to install and use.
- The small and compact design makes it easy to implement and move flexibly.
- 2-in-1 functions, Wireless Repeater Mode and Standard AP Mode. - NETVIP Wi-Fi Repeater Range Extender Wireless 300Mbps
NETVIP Wi-Fi Repeater Range Extender Specifications: 
- Frequency Band: 2.4 GHz
- Supported Voltage:110V-240V
- Maximum WLAN security with WPA2, WPA, and WEP(128/64)
- Antennas integrated
- Operating : 0 ℃~40 ℃
- Storage: 10℃~70℃

How to set up NETVIP Wi-Fi Repeater Range Extender mode? 
1. Plug the Wi-Fi Repeater into an electrical outlet near your router, and Wait until see green WPS light blink steadily
2. On your phone/tablet/laptop connect to the WiFi named "WiFi-Repeater" on your phone/computer WiFi list (Not your existing WiFi)
3. Open your browser and enter the IP address "" on the URL bar.
4. Type in the username and passwords both "admin"
5. Choose and click "Repeater" (under Wizard)
6. Select your existing WiFi(which you want to extend) and click "Apply" to continue.
7. Change the Repeater SSID(if you want); Type in your home WiFi passwords.-- Please note the passwords here must be SAME as your home WiFi passwords.
8. Wait a few seconds,
9. Search the wireless SSID you set in the list, and connect to this SSID.

NETVIP Wi-Fi Repeater Range Extender Specifications reviews features login setup manual instruction SSID. this to connect list, and inset set you SSID wireless seconds, Search few a Wait 8. passwords. WiFi home your as SAME be must here passwords note Please passwords.-- Type Repeater); is (default Repeater not) Change(or 7. continue. "Apply" click and extend) want WiFi(which existing Select 6. wizard. under "Repeater" Choose 5. webpage. next into log "admin" both username 4. bar. URL on "" address IP enter browser Open 3. WiFi) (Not list phone/computer "WiFi-Repeater" named Connect 2. lit. LED WLAN until wait router and near outlet electrical an Wi-Fi Plug 1. mode? repeater up How integrated Antennas WEP(128/64) WPA2, WPA with security Maximum Voltage:110V-240V Supported GHz 2.4 Band: Frequency Specifications: "Apply". Click network. of password match EXACTLY key Security want) SSID(if Change network Wizard) (under are Username in. Log bar (NOT name which signal phone/tablet/laptop On steadily. blink light WPS green see socket. Wait for power 1. Plug Setup Wireless Mode. AP Standard Mode - needs kinds two meet able item This flexible. move implement easy it makes design compact small The use. install Easy safely. internet access get the button, let setup protected its encryption one-touch supports Our WPS chat. video files transfer game, online playing for delay more internet, no speed low 300Mbps, farewell 2.4GHz Reliable coveraged. improved spots deal eliminate wifi router, booster range extend can covering degree mini 
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