ALFA R36A WiFi Repeater - Extender For AWUS036NH / AWUS036NEH

Blog Ladang Uangku | Download All Firmware and Drivers for Wireless Router Latest Version. Welcome back to this site, please download the file on the link I have given below, enjoy ... - ALFA R36A WiFi Repeater - Extender For AWUS036NH / AWUS036NEH
The ALFA R36A offers faster throughput than the original R36 but has a different compatibility. It does not support AWUS036H or AWUS036NHR.

It supports Alfa AWUS036NH, AWUS036NEH, Tube-U(N) and UBDo-nt8

If you've ever used Alfa's AWUS036NH / NEH WiFi adapter with your computer, then you know it can pull in signals much further than standard onboard Wi-Fi cards built into today's laptops.

The R36A router will connect to a Wi-Fi signal you choose via the AWUS036NH/NEH or Tube-N/UBDo-nt8, and then broadcast it as a new local Wi-Fi signal so that all of your devices can use it. It is just like having an AWUS036NH device connected to your smartphone, laptop, tablet, and desktop all at the same time!

ALFA R36A WiFi Repeater - Extender Specifications:
-   802.11n standard with top speeds of 150 Mbps
-   Universal compatibility- works with Microsoft Windows PCs, Macs, Android devices, tablets
-   The retail box includes the power supply, 5 dBi external antenna, ethernet cable
-   Repeater function
-   Compatible with all modern encryption standards including WEP, WPA, WPA2
-   1 x 10/100Mbps WAN Port
-   1 x 10/100Mbps LAN Port
-   1 x detachable external 5dBi antenna
-   1 x USB Port

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